Swim Lessons

Group Lesson Schedule


Preschool: 10AM – 10:30AM

Parent and Me: 10:40AM – 11:10AM

Beginner: 11:20AM – 11:50AM


Preschool: 3:45PM to 4:15PM

Beginner: 4:25PM to 4:55PM

Intermediate/Advanced: 5:05PM to 5:35PM

Adult: 5:45PM to 6:15PM


Beginners: 9:30AM – 10AM

Parent and Me: 10:10AM – 10:40AM

Preschool: 10:50AM – 11:20AM

Intermediate/Advanced: 11:30AM-12PM

Monthly Billing Payments of:


$67 for one child, $60 for each additional child


$72 for one child, $68 for each additional child

Want to try a private lesson? Give us a call or reach out to Kendra using the information below.

Have a question? Reach out today to get your answers!

Kendra Stephens: Swim Instructor [email protected]

The Wellness Complex [email protected] 603-527-8370