Group Exercise

Why participate in a group exercise class? It’s an opportunity for you to meet new people, keep yourself motivated and accountable, and to challenge yourself physically and mentally. Having a variety of classes available at The Wellness Complex gives you the ability to try new ways to stay fit and meet new people who are part of the TWC family too!

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*Special limited time pricing for Non Members:

$7 for youth class, $10 for adult class.*

Our Group Exercise Schedule hosts classes included in your membership. 


Choose your strong. Kick, punch, get your heart rate up and learn proper technique in this 60 minute kickboxing class! Youth and adult classes available-all fitness levels welcome.

Aqua Aerobics

A 60-minute class using the resistance of water to get a full body workout in an environment that is easy on your joints. Control the intensity by modifying the speed and force of your movements. All fitness levels are welcome!

Aqua Barre

Work on you cardio, strength, and core in the water to music. It includes a warm up and cool down period.

Aqua Splash

A 45-minute, low impact water aerobics class which focuses on muscle toning with light resistance. This class is in the shallow end of the pool with flotation belts and noodles. This class is a great choice for people who are in injury recovery, have arthritis, and are seniors or non-swimmers.

Aqua Tabata

Set to music, this class is done in the water with alternating periods of 20 second exercises with 10 seconds of rest. It also includes a warm up and cool down period.

Aqua Zumba

A 60-minute low impact, high-energy aquatic exercise which uses the resistance of water to tone your muscles. All fitness levels are welcome!


A 45-60 minute high energy class set to great music and motivating instructors. Ride a variety of flats, hills and sprints to get a great combination of strength, endurance and speed. All fitness levels are welcome!

Full Body Blast 

A 45 to 60 minute full body workout using all major muscle groups. Modifications can be made for all exercises.  

Les Mills Body Pump

A 60-minute weight-based resistance training program with energetic music to keep you going. Increase your strength and endurance, and tone and shape your body using weights in this energetic class. Modifications are available. All fitness levels welcome!

Better Posture, Better Life

A class designed to put your body in alignment, enhance core strength, increase flexibility and range of motion, and improve overall body functionality. All levels welcome!


A 45 to 60 minute blend of flow and holding positions. Modifications can be made for all exercises.


A 60-minute dance-party fitness class featuring fun, high-energy beats and easy to follow routines. You don’t need to be a great dancer to join in the fun – everyone is welcome to dance and get fit.