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What is Yoga? A Beginner’s Guide

The first question that arises in one’s mind when he or she decides to take up Yoga is what is Yoga. The answer to this question may vary from person to person but I will explain the simple definition of Yoga to you below.

According to a Yogi, it is not the physical activity in which Yoga differs from other forms of exercise. It is the learning of some meditation techniques and ascetic practices. This kind of activity has become popular in various parts of the world due to the fact that it can enhance one’s health and well being.

Yoga comes under the umbrella of ‘Aryan sport’ and is not limited to a particular region. The various practitioners have their own philosophy to follow but they have come up with some core philosophies which are basically common.

Yoga is said to have originated from ‘The Secret’. It is also considered to be the gateway to knowledge. Many followers of Yoga consider ‘The Secret’ as their chief source of information. The Philosophy that the followers of Yoga follow is based on these basic principles that have been found to be effective for a long time by many yogis.

As far as yoga is concerned, there is no actual physical activity that is involved in the practice of the exercise. It is actually a state of mind that is essential for a healthy body.

The concept of Yoga can be understood with the help of some basic rules. One of the most important rule of Yoga is the ‘asana’ which is meant to help one remain focused on the purpose for which one is doing the exercise. The Asana helps to improve the heart as well as the lungs and the back muscles. Also, the flow of blood that is supposed to be present in the body is enhanced.

Another important point in Yoga is the ‘pranayama’ which deals with the breathing exercises. They help to reduce the anxiety and tension in the mind and at the same time keep the body in good shape. It is also believed that meditation helps in regulating the body and the mind. In this way, Yoga can bring about positive changes in one’s life.

Many a times, people often feel confused when it comes to the term ‘Yoga’. So, in order to clear the confusion that a lot of people are facing, I will define Yoga as an activity that can help one to achieve a harmonious mind and body. It also helps in improving the health of the individual.

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